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Here you will find a wealth of information about the Brit Milah (or Bris) ceremony for boys, and the Baby Naming (Simchat Bat or Zeved Habat) ceremony for girls. Much of this information is repeated in different ways throughout the web site. I hope it will give you a good sense about my philosophy and approach to these beautiful rituals.


Calendar Notes 2018/5779: The Jewish Holidays and “Make-up” Days
Please read this so you will know the guidelines for scheduling a Bris that may fall on the Sabbath or one of the Jewish holidays.

NEW! I now accept Venmo. Once an event is scheduled, it must be confirmed with a $300.00 deposit through Venmo. No deposit is required until after the Bris has been scheduled.

Traffic Advisory: Lincoln Tunnel/495 Construction Project
Beginning in August, 2018 and for the next two and a half years, the Lincoln Tunnel/495 helix will be undergoing major construction. This will have a significant impact on traffic in and around New York. I perform Brisses throughout the entire tri-state area on a daily basis and while I endeavor to be early or on time to every event, this will make it much more difficult and challenging. Even though your event may not be taking place in New York or New Jersey, it could cause significant travel delays throughout the area. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.